Thursday, August 3, 2017

RENTED: 30-Days

DUTIES: ass-to-mouth & entertainment slave

slave's clit uncaged to emphasize its tiny size and frustratingly cumless status.

bitch-male begins its fourth Exclusive Service Program and will spend the month serving as as rented property.

cunt will be used as Master AB's personal entertainment slave and ass-to-mouth whore ... licking dildos pulled fresh from his pussy and performing in panties and nylons.

stay tuned for updates ...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

30 Days Without Cumming

A month since slave's last orgasm

slave's last orgasm is now a memory and the whore has gone 30 days without relief ... many more to go!

slave will remain cumless and locked from now on - slave's clit will be teased and his little ovaries left permanently full and aching.

The full video featuring slave's last orgasm is available - contact the clit-slave for details.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Drained, Caged, Dipslayed

Last Orgasm Now on Video ...

slave has ruined his final orgasm in celebration of more than 100,000 views ... and now begins a locked, cumless existence.

Check back for more ...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shrinking (ruined) Violet

From Cock to Clitoris

Withering clit and cum-laden ovaries ... 10-Months on the cock-shrinking program and the results are brutal:

♠ Avg. limp length - 1 1/2 inches

♠ Avg. erect length - 3 5/8 inches

slave is just a couple days away from its last orgasm ... check back for more details!

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Clit Shrinking Program Adjustment

Equipment Change

Several users have suggested that with slave's rapidly shrinking clit, the bitch is likely getting used to the punishment cage. Platinum Member Master CL suggested that the tiny cap (minus the metal rod down its clit) be added to the Clit Shrinking Program's chastity cage rotation. The rod will still be used for punishment/enforcement.

With that suggestion, Master Cl has created another cock-altering reality for slave10 ...

Thanks to the program's main rule - smallest cage/more than 50% of the time - the cap is now slave10's daily cage!

Check back for results and for more details on slave10's last orgasm.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

♠ Cumming Soon ♠

First Cum in 5 Months ... and LAST

After months of cumless suffering slave has been informed that he will finally be allowed to CUM! The event will be performed on video and offered for download to viewers, users, and Platinum Members for just $10 (slave cum isn't worth more than that anyway).

But FINALLY is the key word ... because slave10's first orgasm after 5 long, aching months of chastity, edging and denial will also be slave10's last orgasm.

slave will empty his little bitch-sized ovaries, eat all his cum, and then his little clit will be locked away ... cumless and forgotten, for good!

Check back soon for more details (including possible broadcast as a live/webcam performance) and don't miss the bitch's last moment of sexual pleasure.

Addition & Subtraction

New Shrinking Program Addition

Platinum Member, Master CL suggested a new addition to the slave's Clit Shrinking Program - an over-the-counter vaso-constrictor such as Preparation H (which acts by helping to shrink tissue) - this should enhance and increase the shrinking process and further degrade the bitch's clitoris.

A bit over a week's worth of testing was done and the slave is now applying 2 treatments each day worn under his tiny cages -- throughout the length of the program!!

A special thanks to Master CL for a great addition which will create subtraction of the slave's useless nub.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

♠ Ruined!! ♠

The Results of Master Nick's Pussy-Stretching Program

What does a slave-whore's pussy look like after 4-weeks of intense stuffing and stretching??

It looks like slave10's reamed out cunt, of course!

Now the slave has a vagina and a little clit to match!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Very Successful Rental!

Comments from Master Nick

slave-bitch wishes to thank Master Nick for renting slave, and for his efforts in stretching slave's cunt in just 3 weeks' time! The video summaries are only 8-10 minutes worth of all the video slave10 was required to film!


Had a great time watching you do all your chores! Glad to see slave-bitch work hard and stretch that pussy out. In less than a month the new toys (purple plug, blue dildo) were useless in fuck-toy's gaping stretched-out pussy!!!

Looking forward to the next rental!! Must say, have had a good time over the last couple of rentals and got some good ideas about the next one.

Think it's time slave bitch got some bigger toys to play with ... !!!

-- Master Nick

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

♠ What Does Slave Rental Look Like? ♠

Second Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Rental Completed

What does a month-long slave rental look like?? Well here are just a few examples of the fun Master Nick had with his rented slave-bitch - slave10 - during the second Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Rental.

30-days of exclusive pussy-stretching, edging, chastity and tit pain!

More on Master Nick's enforced pussy stretching coming soon!!