Tuesday, May 16, 2017

♠ Ruined!! ♠

The Results of Master Nick's Pussy-Stretching Program

What does a slave-whore's pussy look like after 4-weeks of intense stuffing and stretching??

It looks like slave10's reamed out cunt, of course!

Now the slave has a vagina and a little clit to match!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

A Very Successful Rental!

Comments from Master Nick

slave-bitch wishes to thank Master Nick for renting slave, and for his efforts in stretching slave's cunt in just 3 weeks' time! The video summaries are only 8-10 minutes worth of all the video slave10 was required to film!


Had a great time watching you do all your chores! Glad to see slave-bitch work hard and stretch that pussy out. In less than a month the new toys (purple plug, blue dildo) were useless in fuck-toy's gaping stretched-out pussy!!!

Looking forward to the next rental!! Must say, have had a good time over the last couple of rentals and got some good ideas about the next one.

Think it's time slave bitch got some bigger toys to play with ... !!!

-- Master Nick

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

♠ What Does Slave Rental Look Like? ♠

Second Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Rental Completed

What does a month-long slave rental look like?? Well here are just a few examples of the fun Master Nick had with his rented slave-bitch - slave10 - during the second Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Rental.

30-days of exclusive pussy-stretching, edging, chastity and tit pain!

More on Master Nick's enforced pussy stretching coming soon!!