Friday, September 30, 2016

Last Day ... Not my last post

Ending general public service ...

It's my last day of general public service, but there's still much to do! I remain a cumless, cock-locked whore until all projects are completed!

After 10 years as a sub and 5 years as my owners slave/whore, it was time to step away from my service and focus on some other aspects of my life that will require some extensive attention.

To gain my release I have given up my cock (which is only property) and any hope of pleasure - living locked and nearly cumless indefinitely.

There will be at least a couple additional posts, and in the meantime ...

As a token of my appreciation to my viewers on my last day, I will raffle off two free Doom Merchant videos!! Just drop me an email before Sept. 7 to enter. I'll draw the winner right after the 7th!!


Monday, September 26, 2016

♠ Video Slave ♠

Slave labor still under way

slave's release date may be close but cunt-pig will continue as Master Dante's video slave until all ordered videos are completed ... and that includes a host of new video work that is now in the queue for the sow to complete!! He is indentured until the work is done!!

♠ And don't forget the final video sale!! ♠

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Approaching the Release Date

Trading maleness for release

One of the last few images of slave10's unshrunk, uncaged cock

For the past 5 years viewers and Users have supported efforts to train and display slave10, even helping to modify and adjust its mind and body. On Sept. 30 slave10 will receive a release from his slavery and from official public service.

In return the bitch gives up forever all claims to:

its cock - which will remain in daily chastity

its current limited endowment
- cunt will complete its 15-month cock shrinking program

its pleasure - no masturbation, no cumming

its orgasms - ruined, dribbles will be its only rare relief

The bitch has until Oct. 30 to receive permission (from a video order) to enjoy a final complete orgasm -- it will be his last!

Reminder: The final video sale is under way and custom videos are available until Sept. 30. All current videos will be available indefinitely!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Final Video SALE

Viewer Appreciation Offers thru Oct. 31

As the Bitch-Male approaches the end of its service, BSM is offering the following special video discounts as a small way to say thank you for using and challenging our bitch. Use the available order form or contact the slave directly by email:

♠ -- The entire Doom Series of videos (7 total) for $100

♠ -- Any 2 videos for just $30

♠ -- Selection of 5 videos (2 full length and 3 shorter videos) for $50

♠ -- 1 full length video for $15 dollars

♠ -- if you'd like to make an offer for the whole slave10 collection contact slave10

Do take advantage of these discounts as BSM's thanks for your support and interest in our efforts to humiliate our cock-caged product.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Big changes coming soon ... ♠

Details pending

Although the slave-sow continues to remain busy with current demands, it is necessary to share some news of import to you, the viewers and users

After more than 10 years as a slave/sub and 5 years as a black-owned slave and personal property to Master Dante / Black Sovereign, slave10 will be leaving service. This life-change has been undertaken after intense discussion with its owner and with Master Dante's full-consent and guidance.

Full details and additional information will be posted in the next few days/weeks, however listed below are some important items of note:

♠ - slave's last day of general public service will be Sept. 30. slave will serve 'business as usual,' with up-to-date blog postings, until that date.

♠ - Sept. 30 will also be the last day to order custom videos. Current videos will remain for sale indefinitely.

♠ - slave's departure will occur with several conditions - among those will be full completion of all chastity related programming. More details on the conditions will be posted once they have been set and approved by Master Dante.

♠ - Power Users will be contacted separately with additional updates.

Look for additional information soon (including a note for viewers/users) and in the meantime, do place any additional custom video orders by Sept. 30.

Do contact the bitch-male with any questions or comments.