Monday, February 24, 2014

RIDE - 2000 Thrusts!

Video completed for you ...

Thank you all for the reblogs and for helping to direct one of my videos! That video, one of two celebrating reaching 10,000 viewers is ready for you to watch (watch it below). I'll be working on the second one soon, and in the meantime, will be adding updates on my time in chastity.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Busy day ...

Reblogged, Relocked & and Refucked!

Several items to update on and they've all kept me very busy today!


After 4 weeks of consistent daily chastity, I received a brief night out of my black device. It was a short lived break, and I'm now back in the black device again for an indefinite length of time - more info on my new term under lock and key, soon. You can see the device back on my useless cock and balls in the images below.


As ordered by Master Dante, I celebrated surpassing 10,000 viewers with two videos to be posted for your entertainment - a thank you for visiting my blog and taking advantages of my service. The first video will be an aggressive dildo ride with one thrust for every viewer up to now - 10,500.

The second video let you all control the number of thrusts I on my dildo - the 'reblog video contest' earned me a second dildo ride and video of 2000 thrusts. Not long after being locked up again ... I filmed the second video. Both will be completed and posted soon!


Below are a few images from the second video ...

Monday, February 17, 2014

Celebrating 10,500 Viewers!

Reblog to Direct my Video!

To help celebrate getting 10,500 viewers, I've been ordered to create 2 videos: Video #1 will be a dildo ride of 10,500 thrusts, up and down my 10-inch dildo - one for every viewer.

But YOU can help with Video #2! For the second video, I'll have to ride my dildo 500 thrusts for every REBLOG of this image/post. You'll have 48 hours to reblog before I have to count the reblogs and get started.

Both videos will be posted for you all to see, and possibly download! So post it where you want and stay tuned to see how long I'll have to fuck myself because of you! In the meantime, I'm locked up and cumless for more than 3 weeks -- in other words, I'm so ready to fuck for you!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Newest Custom Video!

Abusing my cock & balls by request!

I haven't spent much time out of my cock-cage .... and when I did slave10's balls were punished for the pleasure of someone else. Making custom videos is a large part of duty in service to Master Dante and Black Sovereign Media.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Over 10,000 Views!!

And more than 50 posts!

Celebrating 50 posts here on Tumblr by starting 9 days in stricter chastity. After 19 days locked consistently several hours a day, for the next 9 days I’ll be locked in my small device for all but a very short time. I’ll be adding photos or video soon,as well as an update or two!

In the meantime I finished a new custom video last night, abusing my cock and balls by request. A sample of that will be posted soon, too.

Next on the chore list … back to the mandatory webcam shows and some new videos ideas are in the works!!

Chastity Tickers Ticker

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Video Duty

Unlocked to Perform!

After more than 2 weeks in consistent chastity, I've been unlocked for much of tonight for video duty -- creating a custom ball-busting video for one of my current users. He thoroughly enjoyed the first one and I've sacrificed my slave-balls to make this video as good as the last. The electric paddle was a heated addition that definitely got my ball's attention -- you can see the sparks!!

But being unlocked has been no real relief though, as I go right back into my chastity device when the filming is done. And after more than 20 days without an orgasm my cock-cage is getting tighter and tighter!

Coming soon?? Working to complete this new ball-busting video and I have a new list of videos to work for sale. And of course more chastity and more cum left seething in my horny cock and balls!!

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