Saturday, August 31, 2013

Part II - Case #373

Coming Attractions!

A new video in the works - a sequel to one of my favorite older videos - such a good response that my owner ordered a sequel version - contact me for info on getting the full versions.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

5000 viewers!


Viewership is above 5000 and interest keeps growing! Thanks to one and all for visitng the Blog!! Master Dante is very pleased (which means I am very glad as well) and that means more and more work for this slave and increasing access to my services for you.

As you may have read already, several features and improvements are coming very soon, including ...

- More frequent webcam times and availability!

Performing in webcam is my primary duty and my owner insists it happen more frequesntly!

- New videos and an easier way to buy them!

I'm tasked with creating new videos and making many of the videos that have not been posted anywhere available for sale!

- Webcam open house

I'm still working out the best way to offer this promotion, but it'll most likely be slated over a couple nights, several times and a couple different venues (Google, Yahoo, ??) ... so do stay tuned and shout if you are interested!

In the meantime, thanks again for using the blog, thanks to those who have used me and contact me soon to put your rented slave to work!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Over 4,000 viewers!

Glad you're watching!!

I'm very happy to say 'thanks' for more than 4000 viewers to the blog!!

I'm amazed at the amount of interest and how fast the blog site has grown, but there's more still to come. Some of the excitement in the works includes ....

- New videos and an easier way to buy them!

- More frequent webcam times and availability!

- And a webcam open house still to come (email or comment if you went to join)!

Thanks again for visiting and contact me to put your slave to work!!