Wednesday, July 29, 2015


slave's next full orgasm will be ...

To continue the slave's celebration of reaching (and passing) 6 months in chastity, you get to decide when the bitch gets to have his next real male orgasm ....... if ever.

The last time this slave enjoyed a full, complete orgasm - like a real male - was more than 560 days ago.

He'll have 2 months of cumless edging to complete first, and then - when should he get to have a real orgasm?? You decide ...

- likes = 2 weeks!

- reblogs = 1 month!!!

The dildo riding video will be under way soon, and a couple new videos are in the works as well. Next for the celebration - you get decide how long 'little-dick' remains in chastity!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Decided!!

And the results are ...

With your inputs and directions, slave-cunt10 is in for a busy few months ahead ...

Here's what you decided for the bitch to do to help celebrate 6 months in chastity:

Dildo Ride -- slave's pussy wrecking video work will begin soon ...

- 350 strokes on the 10-inch dildo
- 180 strokes on the 13-inch dildo
- additional strokes are likely!

Mandatory Edging -- slave's little dick will now be edged daily for the next month (Aug.) and on alternating days for the month following (Sept.) ... cumming during edging sessions will not be tolerated!

- 25 sessions by hand
- 20 sessions by e-stim

More suffering to follow, along with videos of all the fun!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Choice!!

Viewer Controlled Dildo Ride

Celebrating 6 months in chastity means its time for you put slave10 on his favorite dildos for a long ride!!

Will it be the 10-inch (on the left) or the 13-inch (on the right)?? Lucky for you, and unlucky for the slave's pussy, it'll be both and it'll all be on video!!

To help choose ...

1 like = 10 strokes with the 10-inch (left)

1 reblog = 10 strokes on the 13-inch dildo (right)

And what about the edging??

Right now the bitch is very likely looking at 2 to 3 months worth of consistent edging misery - caged and cumless!

Check back to learn more and to learn how you might get to control when/how the slave-slut gets to cum again??

Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 Months in Chastity!

Viewer Mandated Edging - Now 42 Days!!

Wrapping up the 50K Viewers Celebration and working right into celebrating my 6th month in chastity. To help me celebrate, viewers have already mandated 42 days of edging ... with more likely. Whether that'll be spread over a full 2 months or 42 days consecutively is still to be decided.

In the meantime?? A viewer controlled dildo ride, cum-control, and 6 more months locked away!