Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Video - New Record!

Keeping busy through 10 weeks locked

It's been a very busy few days, capped by hitting 10 weeks in chastity ... slave10 is now at 70 days with my little white dick locked away. And the longer my clit is locked away, the more I realize it is where it should be! That the only thing my useless cock should be inside of is a restrictive chastity cage!!

Tonight I completed a detailed new custom video (preview below). This one challenged me, more like it challenged my black-owned pussy - a 13 inch dildo and an XXL plug did quite a number stretching my hole ... especially the plug!

But the video also had me working some new ways to do things and I will see how well they work for future videos.



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Monday, August 18, 2014

Nearing new milestones ...

Chastity and Viewership

I am nearing new milestones and a bit freaked out at what they mean ... 63 days in chastity will hit on Friday, and I am very near 25,000 viewers as well.

My current video assignment will have me working and stretching my pussy like a complete size queen, and filling my fucked out cavern with water and my own cum. Looking forward to a real orgasm (which I can only have for paying customers) but it'll be a frustrating bit of relief knowing my little cocklet will go right back in my cage that very day ...probably for another 9 weeks.

And once I hit 25,000 viewers I am ordered to host a free cam show (with a video). I'll probably be hosting it free on Chaturbate ( and you'll get the password and link in a future blog post ... before then I'll host a test run so do stay tuned ...



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Friday, August 15, 2014

8 Weeks!

Locked for nearly 2 months ...

Today, I awakened to face my 56th day in chastity .... 8 weeks and counting.

And even with my little black-owned cock locked away, a bitch's work is never done! I just finished the first part of my video project and was lucky enough to be unlocked during the filming (as requested). After a few hours of playing with my slut-pussy (which was a nice treat since my cock is always off limits unless I'm ordered to use it), I went right back into my device to continue my chastity!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back on Duty!

~ Travel Over and Back in Service ~

After a long vacation, slave's black-owned pussy is back in service and performing for the entertainment and betterment of my owner. Some interesting news to offer and some very interesting events are in development.

slave's little cock has now been locked for nearly 8 Weeks!! I've been constantly horny and aching to have my useless balls fully and pleasurably drained. But my cock and balls no longer to me so I will remain chastised with nothing more than the spurt or two of a rare ruined orgasm as release. You can see the full details of my chastity below.

A number of projects are being completed - several new User photos were done just before I left (see below) and several videos are also in development.

Also, as the direction of Master Dante, I am in the process of working some experimental projects:

- The Extended Service Plan will allow users to actually rent me as they personal slave for a couple weeks to a month. The benefits will include access to videos, photos and cam shows, as well as personalized contact and more. We are experimenting with our first customer as a test run -- more on this soon!!

- Open Cam Time will give us a chance to chat, show off my chastised little dick and pussy, and do more more .... all in the privacy of a dedicated chat room/area. Thanks to our experimental ESP customer, we've tried an initial run and had very good results. Stay tuned for the next test and look for an open invitation on the blog!



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