Thursday, November 16, 2017

Around the Web ...

Properly displayed and humiliated!

A Special Thanks to The Mind of a Total Top for highlighting slave10's humiliating descent into slavery, whoring and cocklessness!

Below are a few links to some of the the photos 'Total Top' has posted of the bitch in his cages - please pay this cool tumblr a visit:









More developments coming soon!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rented: 4-Week ESP

Video duties and period training ... for now!

Along with 15 more months of clit-shrinking, whore is currently serving a 4-week rental sentence as Master AB's ass-to-mouth video plaything. This term also includes weekly tampon training, with the used tampon ending up in the bitch's mouth!

Master AB will also soon take possession of slave-cunt for a special 'premium' rental use - more on that soon!

Sentenced: 15 months!

Shrinking Extended - One year and three months

After counting all available votes, the results are final: YOU have sentenced slave10 to another year and 3 months on the current clit-shrinking program.

More than 350 votes were received from the following posts:

- Locked and Loving It

- Johnboylug

- Micro-Caged Whiteboy

Thank you for YOUR vote and as promised the sow has shown in his gratitude by providing a free video for download:

Click for the Free Viewer Reward Video