Friday, December 18, 2015

Doom's Revenge - Episode 3

New Custom Video

Master Doom's next custom video is in final prep and ready to go. As The Doom Merchant's blackmailed slave this bitch-male is subjected to hypnosis, big dildos and more ... and nearly always with its clit in a cage! A management-bitch's work just gets harder and harder!!

Check back soon!!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Service

Videos underway & Holiday Sale coming soon ...

The holidays are nearly here and you've made sure this bitch-male will spend them cum-free!

In the meantime, a couple of videos are underway (one custom and one gift for you), and the cock-sow will be sharing those as soon as they are completed (or close to done).

And do check back for a special holiday video sale ... a great offer to celebrate your viewership and attention!!

More soon ...

Friday, December 11, 2015

December Denial

Viewer Demerits = Cumless slave

In less than 12 hours, this bitch lost his only opportunity for a ruined orgasm in December ... you took it from him.

So the bitch will finish 2015 with his balls full and his cock-locked. And he'll start 2016, and his third year in chastity, the same way.

And thanks to a suggestion by MistressH666, the total demerits are noted below ... thanks MistressH666 for the suggestion!

December Viewer Demerits:

-- 67 total demerits from my blog and from Locked Up By My Girlfriend - as of 12/12/2015

-- 14 edgings required per week in December

-- Dildo ride numbers/time to be figured once all the demerits are in.

Monday, December 7, 2015

December Directive

More edging and denial?

Cock-locked and pussy hard at work, after more than a 100 days with a single ruined dribble as relief, the bitch is now eligible for its December ruined orgasm.

Unless, of course, you forbid it!

To take the slave's only pleasure this month ...

Give the cunt 30 demerits by Dec. 20 to keep slave10's clit in its cage and his cum safely in his little bound balls.

Likes - 1 demerit

Reblogs = 3 demerits

All demerits over 30 will be worked off on the dildo, and will used to set the slave's edging schedule until next month!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November - DENIED!

Viewers' Orders - 30 days CUMLESS

It took less than two days for you, the viewers, to deny slave10 his only ruined orgasm for Nov. The overwhelming response also ensured dildo time for the bitch as well. Look for that video, soon!

In the meantime ... thank you, viewers, for taking this slave's cock and cum.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cumless November??

It's your decision

After nearly 90 days of edging and denial, this bitch-male was finally allowed to dribble a spurt or two of its useless, unneeded sperm.

During the last week in November, after 30 more days of cumless edging, the little-dicked sow will be given the opportunity to have its next ruined dribble ... unless you take it from him.

To deny slave10 for another 30 days ...

Give the cunt 30 demerits by Nov. 20 to keep slave10 locked and cumless for another month.

Likes - 1 demerit

Reblogs = 3 demerits

Any and all demerits over 30 will be worked off on the dildo!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Raffle Winner!!

Free Webcam Show and Videos!!

Not sure the bitch can be called a prize, but user “Fun Guy” has won the 60K raffle and will receive a free webcam show and video.

As a special add-on, user “A B” has also won in our surprise second raffle and receives a free video.

More soon as viewers will get to deny slave10 another 30 days! Stay tuned!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

October - DENIED

No dribbling allowed ...

slave humbly thanks its viewers for denying its only ruined orgasm for October - your sentence will require slave to serve 81 days without so much as a dribble of relief.

slave's next opportunity for a ruined dribble will be in November, and viewers will be invited to deny that opportunity as well.

60K update ... several viewers have received the free video and photos, and are entered in the raffle for a free full-length video and web cam show. The winner will be notified and announced later in the week. Still time to enter!!

Chastity Update

Last ruined orgasm - 76 days

Locked for 2015 -- 298 days

Last real male orgasm - 649 days

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Submissive 'Thank You'

The humiliation and subjugation of a slave is rarely effective without superiors and other slaves to observe, comment and support that humiliation.

To say 'thank you' to a number of blogs/bloggers who have been very gracious with their postings, below are a short list of links for several Tumblr sites who have posted, reblogged and re-posted slave10's photos and videos. This is by no means a full or complete list ... just a start if anything ... but it's a great chance to say thanks and to encourage everyone to take a moment to visit and enjoy - more will be posted in the near future:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating 60,000 Viewers (+) !!!

New Milestone, Many to Come

The bitch has quickly reached and passed 60,000 viewers and is now required to celebrate this new milestone! So once again you can take advantage of being a viewer by controlling his only orgasm for October and with free photos and videos!!

RUINED OR NONE ... you decide!?!

After 2 months without, slave will be allowed to dribble 2 weak spurts of his useless cum ... if you allow!

If you give him 30 demerits by Oct. 19, no leakage will be allowed and the cock-locked bitch will spend yet another month with full, aching balls.

Likes - 1 demerit

Reblogs = 3 demerits

All demerits over 30 will be worked off on the dildo!


How to celebrate??

Email the cock-sow and mention the 60,000 viewer celebration ... and feel free to remind the slave what a slutty fuck-toy he is!!

Everyone who emails will get free photos and a free 60K video ... just a taste of what slave10 can do for you!

You'll also automatically be entered into the raffle to win:

- one of the full-length Doom Merchant videos and a free 15-minute webcam performance.

Join the fun and help the slut celebrate ahead of 75,000 viewers!?!?!?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Locked & Ready for Service

An Update and Coming (but not cumming) Soon ...

As slave gets adjusted quickly to his new device (which he has spent most of his recent chastity-time in), work continues on several mandatory projects:

  • The first episode of Master Doom Merchant's latest video is nearing completion. A new preview and/or photos will come from that effort ... an effort that will proceed right into work on the next episode.
  • slave's remaining dildo-video will also be worked into his schedule during ongoing video work.
  • Edging and denial continues (per your orders, viewers) leaving the cock-sow horny and cum-filled. He was edged daily through August and has been edged every other day through Sept., and the edging period will end in a few days. The bitch has not had a ruined cum in over 2 months, since before the edging period began.
  • The slave's next milestone, 60,000 viewers, has snuck up quickly and will be reached sometime in the next few days to a week. That means the cunt will be responsible for another month of viewer celebration ... the last one cost him his cock and the chance to ever have a real orgasm again. Along with other activities, YOU will be deciding whether he dribbles his useless sperm during the next 30 days or whether he remains cumless!

Check back often for more details!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Crushing Response

Chaste & Cum-Controlled in a New Device

Several vital notes as a follow-up to the 50K Viewer Celebration which allowed viewers to help control the slave's chastity and orgasms -- the viewer inputs have been absolutely crushing.

After totalling all additional viewer inputs:

- slave's little dick will spend the next 9 years and 1 month committed to consistent, daily chastity.

- slave will not be allowed to cum like a normal male for 10 years and 9 months. More than 10 years of only rare, ruined cum-dribblng will effectively ensure that slave10 will never cum normally again.

Two quick items of note:

1. slave's cock has already endured more than 600 days restricted to ruined orgasms, and now his viewers have dictated that he will never cum like a 'man' again.

2. a new KHD Expresso X3 will now be added to the device rotation to help ensure that the cunt spends his days locked and chaste. The KHD is as restrictive as the metal Xtendaur and very nearly as small, keeping his useless little dick small and controlled.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doom's Revenge ... Custom Video

slave in service

slave continues work on Master Doom's new custom video - As The Doom Merchant's personal 'management bitch' slave is given plenty of opportunity for tit and pussy stretching ... usually while cock-locked!

Hope you enjoy the second preview and there's more work to follow (a reminder on the normal Xtube weirdness).

Coming soon: an update on the extensive lock-up and cum-restrictions slave now lives under.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Balls Worked Hard

... for the amusement of a superior!

A second custom video nearing completion (and a second for Master D.H.) - slave beats and abuses its little cock and balls for the sake of proper entertainment.

Master Doom's Video Project

slave-bitch put to good use

The first preview from Master Doom's new custom video. The slave is put to good use as The Doom Merchant's personal 'management bitch!

Xtube is acting squirrelly as hell again, so no guarantees how long this will stay watchable!?!?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Video Slut

slave-sow at work on custom videos

While I still struggle to comprehend what you, the viewers, have done to me, work still must go on. New custom videos are under way - shocking my tits and clit, finger-fucking my pussy and spanking my own balls - as I perform for my Owner's customers.

I also must go back and re-count all the likes/blogs on my cum and chastity control votes ... the response has been completely overwhelming. Although the numbers aren't completed yet, I am fairly certain I will spend much of my remaining sexual life locked and without real orgasm relief.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Viewer Video

Dildo Ride - Part 1

To begin 2 months of cumless edging, slave completed part one of his mandated dildo ride with over 500 strokes on the 10-inch dildo. The full video is posted/available.

A turn on the 13-inch is next!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Under Viewer Control!

Viewer Judgements

Your inputs/votes for the 6-month chastity/50,000 viewer celebration have sealed the slave-bitch's fate for months and months to come. Here are the sentences you've passed ...

Cumming -- the slave will not cum like a normal male for 6 years and 11 months. Only ruined orgasms from now on unless full orgasm is specifically ordered. In other words, the slave is nearly guaranteed to lose the ability to have full orgasms.

Chastity -- the slave is now committed to chastity until Aug. 2018. the slave will continue to suffer from a shrinking cocklet. After nearly 20 months in chastity, it's little dick now strains to reach 4.5 inches hard & is barely 2.5 inches soft.

Dildo Ride -- slave's pussy wrecking video is now underway:

- 180 strokes on the 13-inch dildo
- 350 strokes on the 10-inch dildo, 180 strokes added to match the 13-inch (completed and being processed)

Mandatory Edging -- daily edging Aug. 15 - Sept. 15, alternating days from Sept. 26 - Oct. 16 ... cumming during edging sessions will not be tolerated!

Next for the cock-sow ... several videos are on the slate as well as continued service and suffering.

Friday, August 7, 2015

How Long??

Time in Chastity? You Decide ...

Celebrating 6 months in chastity has given you, the viewers, a chance to impose your own demands and controls on slave10.

You've already sentenced him to a long, difficult dildo ride (stay tuned for that video) and sentenced him to 6 years without a real male orgasm.

Now you will have a chance to finalize his misery ... by keeping him locked as long as you want.

slave10 is committed to his cage for all of 2015 - another 6 months. What then?? How long will he be locked after that 6 month period ... you decide!

How long will the slave's cock be locked ...???

--> likes = 2 weeks!

--> reblogs = 4 weeks!!!

Over the next couple weeks ... look for the results of your decision, the dildo-ride video, and previews of two current videos under way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When?? NEVER ...

Intense Viewer Response!

slave10 is reeling from your decision regarding his ongoing orgasm control.

Viewers were invited to assign the slave's next full and complete male orgasm - your response was overwhelming and intense!

Thanks to you, the slave will not cum like a normal male for 6 years and 3 months.

The slave's next real orgasm is now scheduled for October 15, 2021!! You have effectively eliminated any hope the bitch has for ever having a normal orgasm.

Unless specifically ordered by its Owner or a customer, only ruined orgasms will be allowed and those allowed only as required to fulfill requests for service. For the next 6 years the slave will reach only the edge of orgasm, cum will be released in a few dribbles and spurts, and its balls will remain perpetually full of unused semen.

The next invitation to you: How long will the bitch remain in chastity?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


slave's next full orgasm will be ...

To continue the slave's celebration of reaching (and passing) 6 months in chastity, you get to decide when the bitch gets to have his next real male orgasm ....... if ever.

The last time this slave enjoyed a full, complete orgasm - like a real male - was more than 560 days ago.

He'll have 2 months of cumless edging to complete first, and then - when should he get to have a real orgasm?? You decide ...

- likes = 2 weeks!

- reblogs = 1 month!!!

The dildo riding video will be under way soon, and a couple new videos are in the works as well. Next for the celebration - you get decide how long 'little-dick' remains in chastity!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You Decided!!

And the results are ...

With your inputs and directions, slave-cunt10 is in for a busy few months ahead ...

Here's what you decided for the bitch to do to help celebrate 6 months in chastity:

Dildo Ride -- slave's pussy wrecking video work will begin soon ...

- 350 strokes on the 10-inch dildo
- 180 strokes on the 13-inch dildo
- additional strokes are likely!

Mandatory Edging -- slave's little dick will now be edged daily for the next month (Aug.) and on alternating days for the month following (Sept.) ... cumming during edging sessions will not be tolerated!

- 25 sessions by hand
- 20 sessions by e-stim

More suffering to follow, along with videos of all the fun!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Your Choice!!

Viewer Controlled Dildo Ride

Celebrating 6 months in chastity means its time for you put slave10 on his favorite dildos for a long ride!!

Will it be the 10-inch (on the left) or the 13-inch (on the right)?? Lucky for you, and unlucky for the slave's pussy, it'll be both and it'll all be on video!!

To help choose ...

1 like = 10 strokes with the 10-inch (left)

1 reblog = 10 strokes on the 13-inch dildo (right)

And what about the edging??

Right now the bitch is very likely looking at 2 to 3 months worth of consistent edging misery - caged and cumless!

Check back to learn more and to learn how you might get to control when/how the slave-slut gets to cum again??

Thursday, July 9, 2015

6 Months in Chastity!

Viewer Mandated Edging - Now 42 Days!!

Wrapping up the 50K Viewers Celebration and working right into celebrating my 6th month in chastity. To help me celebrate, viewers have already mandated 42 days of edging ... with more likely. Whether that'll be spread over a full 2 months or 42 days consecutively is still to be decided.

In the meantime?? A viewer controlled dildo ride, cum-control, and 6 more months locked away!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thanks Viewers!!!

And more fun is on the way ...

As the slave wraps up a month of celebrating reaching 50,000 viewers, it's a good time to thank everyone who helped celebrated ...

- 20 viewers have received the free 50K Viewer Video ... almost 20 minutes of edging and dildo-riding!

- Those same viewers will get invites to free webcam shows (happening this week)!

- And we have a raffle winner who will receive the full Management Bitch series - more than $100 worth of video.

As the celebration comes to a close, there's good news and bad news ...

The bad news ... the raffle is closed as of midnight on the 30th and the give-aways are all done.

The good news ... July 1 marks 6 months in chastity, and another round of viewer fun!!

After 6 months of chastity and cum-control, slave10 will spend the rest of 2015 locked nearly non-stop and cumming rarely!

So to start off the next part of the celebration ... help set the sow's edging schedule for the next 30 days!!

- Likes of this post equal 1 edging session by hand!

- Reblogs of this post equal 1 edging session by e-stim!

And there's more to come including a viewer controlled dildo ride!! Check back soon!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Celebration Update ...

Free video and Web Cam

The 50,000 viewers celebration is well along with 20 viewers taking advantage of the free video/cam-show give-away!!

Webcam Shows will likely begin over the weekend and continue into next week.

The celebration follows nearly a year and a half in chastity - all 176 days in 2015, a month of viewer-mandated edging and more than 50 days without an orgasm!

Still ahead for the month's celebration: some website/viewer controlled games, another giveaway and the final raffle winners announcement ... (visit this page for more details about the raffle)!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Viewer Celebration! Free Video!!

Free Video Posted ~ Webcam Shows in Development ...

As the 50K viewer celebration continues, slave has completed its final edging video and posted the free version for those viewers who sent emails ... many thanks to all who has contacted the sow so far!

The webcam show details are in the works and invites will go out once the dates/times are set. Viewers who sent requests should look for those invitations soon.

To receive the free celebration video and get an invitation to one of the free webcam shows ...

email the slave-cunt at ... ... and add a note in the subject line like "congrats on 50,000 viewers."

The raffle is still open, so do purchase your entry soon -- get directions here! In the meantime, enjoy video preview!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Locked to Celebrate!

Thank you, 50,000 viewers!!

Slave-slut has reached (and now surpassed) 50,000 viewers, and you can help celebrate over the next few weeks. As a show of gratitude to its loyal viewers, the bitch will be giving away videos, hosting a raffle for close to $100 worth of videos and performing for you on webcam!!

So join in the celebration and use the bitch in the process!!!

What are the details??

About the free video and cam shows ...

To receive the free celebration video and get an invitation to one of the free webcam shows ...

1. email the slave-cunt at ...

- just add a note in the subject line like "congrats on 50,000 viewers."

2. Then just request the free video and to be added to the webcam invite list.

- the free video is being edited now and will be available very soon

Note: dates and times for the cam shows will be finalized soon ... do check back!

3. slave will respond to your email to confirm, update and connect you with the video and cam shows.

About the raffle ...

slave will raffle off two sets of videos to the winning viewers. Top winner will receive the full Management Bitch series - more than $100 worth and several hours of video. Second place winner will receive the full Case 373 series.

Two ways to place your name in the raffle --

1. Visit the Video page and scroll down to the "donate button" (about halfway down the page).

- Donate $5 for each entry you want in the raffle

2. Click on the Place an Order link (at the top of the page) or on the Order Form links.

- Type in your info and add a note about the raffle in the inquiry section

- Donate $5 for each entry you want in the raffle

What's Next??

More activities are in the works so check back soon and email the slave with any questions.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

50,000 Viewers!!

The Celebration Begins ...

slave's blog has reached 50,000 viewers, and that means you are all invited to help celebrate!

Starting this week, you can join in using the bitch to celebrate this milestone. Check back often, starting June 15, and you can enjoy ...

- A free video raffle

- A free video give-away

- Free webcam shows and web games

- And more ...

Stay tuned for more and the fuck-slave will stay ready to celebrate with you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Edged and Ready to Celebrate!

50,000 Viewers ... almost there!

slave completed its second viewer-mandated edging schedule - 28 sessions - and remains cumless for the last 39 days!

slave's last edging session for the month was put on video and will be shown as part of the viewer appreciation activities planned to help celebrate the slut's 50,000 viewers milestone. What else can viewers look forward to ....??

- A free video raffle

- A free video give-away

- Free webcam shows and web games

Stay tuned, since more fun is cumming (except the slave's little dick, of course)!!

Chastity report: 162 days locked ~ 39 days since slave's last ruined orgasm ~ 513 days since slave's last real male orgasm

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cage & Cunt

Edging Update

For 24 sessions slave has edged its little cock to the brink of orgasm ... and has not been allowed to empty its balls.

Viewer mandated edging called for 28 sessions in all - 18 by hand and 10 by e-stim. Just 4 sessions remain with 3 of those to be e-stim.

As the 50K viewer milestone draws close viewers will be allowed to set next the schedule for the near future. More soon ...

slave's little black-owned dick has been locked for all of 2015 - 155 days. The bitch has not cum in 31 days and has not had a complete normal orgasm in 507 days. slave10 is no longer allowed full male orgasms.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Edging & Cumless

Mandated Edging without Release ...

slave-bitch continues to work through the viewer mandated edging assigned in preparation for the coming 50,000 viewers milestone.

slave has edged its little dick without coming for 20 sessions - 12 by hand, 8 by e-stim. Each session the horny cunt works its tiny cock and thick tits to the agonizing edge of a real orgasm, and each time the horny cunt is left wanting ... and then back in the cage till next time.

slave has 8 more sessions to go.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Edging Update

Edge, Cage, Repeat ...

From chastity to the agonizing edge of orgasm and back into the cage again, slave-cunt continues to labor through his 30 days of viewer mandated edging.

The bitch was assigned 28 edging sessions by You, the viewers, and he has worked his little dick and tits through 6 sessions by hand and 4 by e-stim - 18 sessions to complete.

Note: 2 additional sessions (e-stim) were added by belated contact.

As the 50K viewer milestone approaches, the slave will be used for free cam sessions, videos and more ... do check back!

Chastity report: 142 days locked ~ 18 days since slave's last ruined orgasm ~ 493 days since slave's last real male orgasm.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

No Cumming Allowed!

Edging and Frustration

slave's little dick has started another 30 days of viewer mandated edging ... 26 sessions worth of cumless frustration!

slave little-dick has completed 3 of his hand edging sessions and 2 of the required e-stim sessions - 21 sessions still to complete.

More work will be mandated by viewers - including free cam sessions and videos - as the 50,000 viewer celebration gets closer.

Chastity report: 138 days locked ~ 13 days since slave's last ruined orgasm ~ 488 days since slave's last real male orgasm

Monday, May 11, 2015

Comprehensive Chastity Report

Approaching 1 1/2 years locked

slave's little cock before indefinite chastity

After a almost a year and a half living with its little cock locked up, here is slave's comprehensive chastity report:

- Shrinking cocklet

slave has lost nearly an inch from his erection. After 17 months in chastity, it's little dick now strains to reach 4.5 inches hard & is barely 2.5 inches soft.

- Forever ruined

slave has long since had it's last true orgasm. His restrained little dick - when allowed a rare release - exists to spurt and dribble its useless sperm. The bitch will not cum normally again ... ever.

- Perpetually horny

Chastity has left this bitch constantly horny and perpetually frustrated, especially knowing it will never again cum completely. Its cock is now fully restrained and fully under the control of others - locked, controlled and horny - the perfect conditions for fast, pleasureless, ruined orgasms ... the path to premature ejaculation.

- Indefinitely locked

The bitch now understands that it will never be allowed to stop its chastity - sentenced to serve in chastity for all of 2015. The end of one year in its cage will simply be the beginning of the next year.



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

30-day Edging Schedule: Viewer Mandated

Another 'Cumless' Month Ahead

A picture of slave's little dicklet before a year and half in chastity

With the new 50K Viewers milestone fast approaching, slave's viewers have now set his edging schedule for the next month.

slave-cunt is required to complete:

- 26 Cumless Edging Sessions

- 8 by e-stim

- 18 by hand

- All 26 without cumming

- Immediate re-lock in after each session

slave will provide progress updates throughout the month - the 30-day period will end on June 8.

An appreciative thank you to all viewers, and especially those who 'liked' or 're-blogged' to help develop this 30-day denial schedule.

Check back soon for updates and for a full chastity report.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Master's Entertainment

Keeping the Owner Happy

One of the slave's key duties as Master Dante's whore is keeping him entertained and amused. slave spent time on webcam last night fucking its black-owned pussy on the 10-inch dildo and working its thick titties for Master's enjoyment. As a reward, the slave was given permission to remove its cock-cage and pump its filthy little cock ... the orgasm was ruined as is always required and all its cum was eaten.

This was slave's first orgasm in over a month and the first for its Owner since late last year.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Viewer Controlled Edging

Your Opportunity to Edge slave10 ...

With a new viewership milestone (50K viewers!!) moving closer, slave10 will begin preparations for that celebration (much like the 40K viewer celebration). And that means you (the viewers) get to set the slave's edging schedule for the next month...

Viewer Controlled Edge Training

Just LIKE or REBLOG (or both) this post and add to the slave's edging/training session, but ... NO CUMMING ALLOWED!

- Each Like = (1) Edging stroke session

- Each Reblog/Repost = (1) E-stim edging upgrade

- Edging schedule will be set on/around May 6, with several updates before then.

Make the bitch edge so that cage fits nice and tight!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mandated Edging - COMPLETED

Cumless Edging Requirement Fulfilled

Black Sovereign's chastity-slut has completed a full month of mandatory edging (21 sessions: 11 by hand and 10 by e-stim) as mandated by you, the viewers. No cum escapes occurred and each session was completed as required. Several videos and photos (and possibly one added video) have also been posted as required.

Ahead of the next milestone, viewers will be allowed to dictate whether this becomes a monthly activity ... all to make sure the cunt's little dick stays crowded in its cage! Stay tuned ...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Edging Report

Mandated Edging Nearly Completed

slave-slut has completed all but 3 of it's mandatory edging sessions with just 2 e-stim and one session by hand to finish.

No orgasm has occurred during any of the 19 sessions completed so far .... more video of these last few sessions will soon be available and previews posted.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Quick Request

Video Images

slave is following up on a quick viewer request to see the bitch on its knees hand-washing the kitchen floor.

Good timing since slave was required to do much the same in its most recent video ... here are a few images from the two-part video.

Stay tuned for a new update very soon!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Webcam Apparel

C-string for web cam!

Some new wardrobe for those non-private cam show areas ... not much cock to cover up!

Contact slave10 for your webcam show!!!

103 days chastised ~ 454 days since slave's last real orgasm

Monday, April 6, 2015

Edging ... But No Cumming

Caged Frustration & More Ahead

From cock-cage to near orgasm and right back in the cock-cage again - slave's little dick is enduring a busy schedule of edging and frustration set down by viewers during the 40,000 Viewers Celebration.

slave must perform 21 edging sessions (10 electro & 11 by hand). The bitch is NOT allowed to cum during any of the sessions, and will be punished for unauthorized orgasm.

The hopelessly horny bitch has completed 7 edgings by hand and 7 by e-stim.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Edging Report

Viewer Mandated Edging -- Viewer Video Preview

Sessions Under Way

After a thoroughly ruined orgasm (it's first in over a month), slave-slut started the edging schedule mandated by its viewers. That schedule required 21 edging sessions (10 electro & 11 by hand) completed between March 22 and April 22. The bitch is NOT allowed to cum during any of the sessions, and will be punished for unauthorized orgasm.

When not locked in its cock-cage, slave's little dick has endured 4 edging sessions by hand and 3 by electro. Video will be posted soon, and additional video will be created to display slave's edging duties. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Celebration Video Preview

Celebration participants also received a free 40,000 Viewers Celebration Video and an opportunity for a free webcam show (or a free full length video if they could not attend a cam show). A preview sample of that video is posted for your review.

In additional video news, a two-part customer video has also been fully completed and greatly appreciated by a satisfied customer!! A preview of those will be posted soon as well!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

ADJUSTED: Celebration Report

Late Viewer Input Added

After a successful celebration of the 40,000 viewers milestone, slave10 has earned the following viewer-mandated edging schedule:

~ Total 30-day edging sessions - 21

~ Edging sessions by hand - 11

~ Edging sessions by e-stim - 10

~ No cumming allowed

A cross-section of these sessions will be completed on video for sale and for public display. Unauthorized orgasm will result in punishment to be set on violation.

Thanks to all the viewers who participated via direct contact or like/reblog activity!



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Celebration Update

Looking Forward to 50,000 !!

Many thanks to you viewers for 40,650 views and to those viewers who helped me celebrate my 40,000 viewers milestone!

Along with access to two webcam shows, celebrants received a free celebration video, photos, and for those who couldn't attend a show, a second free video!

And what did slave10 receive ... 10 mandatory edging sessions (so far!!) - 6 by hand and 4 by electro - all to begin March 22. Many thanks to one and all for your continued interest and use!!

And remember the celebration continues - Likes and reblogs of this post (or this post) will help set the slave's edging schedule through March 22, and videos/photos will be sent through March 30.


slave has been chastised for 78 days, and has not had a ruined orgasm in 30 days!!

A new chastity device has also been added to the rotation increasing cage time even more ... which means this bitch-slave is all tits and pussy and no cock!!