Saturday, December 17, 2016

♠ Living Without ♠

No cock, no cum, no relief

More than a month since his final release, and slave is learning to live without ...

Without a free and uncaged cock ... which is locked daily and will remain that way.

Without cumming ... more than 2 and 1/2 months without an orgasm and none in the foreseeable future.

Without relief ... edging, plug and cum denial are its lifelong duties now.

And for you, the viewers and users:

The full collection of slave's videos (and photos) is now available. Emailthe slave for details and arrangements.

You'll also be able to help set the slave's edging and/or plugging schedule ... check back for details!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Final Resting Place

slave's cock under endless lock and key

slave's cock has felt its last orgasm and now exists in its final resting place - a small metal cage less than 2 inches in length.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Slave's Last Orgasm

No more cumming

slave's last real orgasm has been spilled. As part of its release conditions slave will no longer be allowed orgasmic pleasure - it's cock will be locked indefinitely: locked and cumless.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

♠ Dwindling Opportunities ♠

Videos of slave's last few orgasms

As ordered by its surrogate users, slave edges endlessly before pumping out one of the last few loads of useless cum it will be allowed ... draining his sperm-filled balls as directed like a good little cow.

The cum-cow has only two, maybe three, real orgasms to enjoy ... then its clit will be locked in the cage, cumless and forgotten for good.

Monday, November 14, 2016

♠ Nearing Completion - Update ♠

Just days left in service

As slave nears the final days of service, this is a prime time to provide an update and report prior to its departure:

Video projects

Several videos have been completed with several more still to be completed. Previews of Doom 8 and Treasure Hunt have been posted for your amusement.

Cock-shrinking program

The shrinking program has and will continue to be a total, demoralizing success - slave's little clit is now an average limp length of 1 7/8 to 2 inches and his avg erect length is 4 to 4 1/4 inches even when hard as a rock. The bitch has lost more than an inch of what used to be its cock in just a couple months!? 2 inches since being forced into chastity!! As of late October he is no longer to refer to it as anything but a clit and has nearly a year of the shrinking program left!

Changes ...

slave will comment on this topic soon but the photo offers a number of clues s to how the bitch's mind and body have been permanently changed:

- broken, submissive attitude - quick to please or display itself
- constantly horny and willing to spread for cocks and toys
- tiny shrunken clit locked and forgotten
- stretched puckered cock-shaped pussy
- pulled, swollen bitch-sized titties

Life ahead ...

Once it is no longer in service, the whore can look forward to spending it's life in chastity, with erections and cumming as a fading memory. With its clit locked and stored at a length of less than 2 inches, it's 6 inch cock will have been reduced to thumb-sized nub with the eventual goal of sporting a raging agonized hard-on of less than 3 inches.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Locked and Laboring

Projects Continue

slave's release continues to hinge on several conditions - in part, completing a host of customer videos.

Here's a new preview of "Master AB's Treasure Hunt":

Friday, October 21, 2016

♠ Slave Labor ♠

work continues

Although general public service has ended, slave-clit has a great deal of work to complete ... as many as 7 more videos, and counting.

One thing the bitch-male won't be able to count? ORGASMS - slave's clit is contracted for just three more opportunities to cum. His last remaining orgasms will be caught on film, and then its clit will be locked, forgotten and abandoned.

Previews from Doom Merchant 8 - The Web Slave

Friday, September 30, 2016

Last Day ... Not my last post

Ending general public service ...

It's my last day of general public service, but there's still much to do! I remain a cumless, cock-locked whore until all projects are completed!

After 10 years as a sub and 5 years as my owners slave/whore, it was time to step away from my service and focus on some other aspects of my life that will require some extensive attention.

To gain my release I have given up my cock (which is only property) and any hope of pleasure - living locked and nearly cumless indefinitely.

There will be at least a couple additional posts, and in the meantime ...

As a token of my appreciation to my viewers on my last day, I will raffle off two free Doom Merchant videos!! Just drop me an email before Sept. 7 to enter. I'll draw the winner right after the 7th!!


Monday, September 26, 2016

♠ Video Slave ♠

Slave labor still under way

slave's release date may be close but cunt-pig will continue as Master Dante's video slave until all ordered videos are completed ... and that includes a host of new video work that is now in the queue for the sow to complete!! He is indentured until the work is done!!

♠ And don't forget the final video sale!! ♠

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Approaching the Release Date

Trading maleness for release

One of the last few images of slave10's unshrunk, uncaged cock

For the past 5 years viewers and Users have supported efforts to train and display slave10, even helping to modify and adjust its mind and body. On Sept. 30 slave10 will receive a release from his slavery and from official public service.

In return the bitch gives up forever all claims to:

its cock - which will remain in daily chastity

its current limited endowment
- cunt will complete its 15-month cock shrinking program

its pleasure - no masturbation, no cumming

its orgasms - ruined, dribbles will be its only rare relief

The bitch has until Oct. 30 to receive permission (from a video order) to enjoy a final complete orgasm -- it will be his last!

Reminder: The final video sale is under way and custom videos are available until Sept. 30. All current videos will be available indefinitely!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Final Video SALE

Viewer Appreciation Offers thru Oct. 31

As the Bitch-Male approaches the end of its service, BSM is offering the following special video discounts as a small way to say thank you for using and challenging our bitch. Use the available order form or contact the slave directly by email:

♠ -- The entire Doom Series of videos (7 total) for $100

♠ -- Any 2 videos for just $30

♠ -- Selection of 5 videos (2 full length and 3 shorter videos) for $50

♠ -- 1 full length video for $15 dollars

♠ -- if you'd like to make an offer for the whole slave10 collection contact slave10

Do take advantage of these discounts as BSM's thanks for your support and interest in our efforts to humiliate our cock-caged product.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Big changes coming soon ... ♠

Details pending

Although the slave-sow continues to remain busy with current demands, it is necessary to share some news of import to you, the viewers and users

After more than 10 years as a slave/sub and 5 years as a black-owned slave and personal property to Master Dante / Black Sovereign, slave10 will be leaving service. This life-change has been undertaken after intense discussion with its owner and with Master Dante's full-consent and guidance.

Full details and additional information will be posted in the next few days/weeks, however listed below are some important items of note:

♠ - slave's last day of general public service will be Sept. 30. slave will serve 'business as usual,' with up-to-date blog postings, until that date.

♠ - Sept. 30 will also be the last day to order custom videos. Current videos will remain for sale indefinitely.

♠ - slave's departure will occur with several conditions - among those will be full completion of all chastity related programming. More details on the conditions will be posted once they have been set and approved by Master Dante.

♠ - Power Users will be contacted separately with additional updates.

Look for additional information soon (including a note for viewers/users) and in the meantime, do place any additional custom video orders by Sept. 30.

Do contact the bitch-male with any questions or comments.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

♠ Cock Reshaping Under Way ♠

Confined for 15-Months

slave-clit has completed the first two weeks of his 15-month cock shrinking program. However there's been no rotation of cages - the cockless bitch has suffered in the smallest cage with his little nublet compressed down to about an inch and a half. No erections and no cumming possible!

You, the users and viewers, have helped place his cock in punishing bondage and voted that it be re-shaped over the next 15-months! The goal of this little cock-re-shaping experiment? A ruined, tiny little white stub!

Monday, August 15, 2016

♠ Sentenced: 15-Month Cock Shrinking Program ♠

User-Required Clit Training

The USERs and viewers have made their opinions on slave's little white bitch-dick very clear ... slave now begins a mandatory 15-month cock-shrinking program.

slave will be locked in his smallest cages (in rotation) for three stages designed to shrink and ruin the bitch-male's little clit - the program stages begin on Aug. 15 and will run for 3 months, 5 months and 7 months. Progress will be reported at intervals.

Current stats (after 2 3/4 years in chastity):

Avg. limp length - 2 1/2 inches

Avg, erect length - 5 1/4 inches

Original stats (pre-chastity- 2014) :

Avg. limp length - 3 1/4 inches

Avg, erect length - 6 inches

Now that the program is set, all additional likes/reblogs will be applied to dildo and plug training to be filmed and distributed to viewers..

Special thanks to slave's super users (Master AB, Master Nick & Master Nick) for their vital inputs and to you the viewers for the strict sentencing.

A special note to Locked & Loving It for posting!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


- Help make a useless cock even smaller!! -

The bitch-male's "power users" have helped decide that its time for a cock shrinking program - an official training effort dedicated to shrinking and finally ruining slave's little cock ... and now it's time for your input!

slave's dicklet will be locked in a rotation of his smallest cages with the tiniest new cage being used more than half the lock-up period. You get to decide how long the first training period will be.

Just LIKE or REBLOG (or both) this post to decide the length of the first shrinking period:

♠ Each Like - 2 days

♠ Each Reblog - 5 days

The first period will begin on Aug. 15, so do have any inputs completed by then.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

New Cage, Less Cock

-- Caged and less than one & a half inch! --

A bit of a break before slave-cunt received a new cage to help manage his little slave clit. The smallest in the chastity rotation, the new cage will force the slave's useless white dick to behave at less than an inch and half in length - no erections, no cumming.

slave's "power users" have decided that its tiny cock needs to be shrunken and ruined ... and you can help schedule that process! Stay tuned ....

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Heavy Schedule

From the Vault ...

slave slut has been tasked heavily (in several ways) and has been offline seeing to his immediate work. That work include a number of new videos - stay tuned for previews on those.

In the meantime, From the Vault ... are two photo manipulations that slave created by order in a previous service. Enjoy!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Video Posted for your Entertainment

slave under Master AB's Direction

cunt-slave's new work is posted for your entertainment and amusement ... enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

♠ New Custom Video ♠

New Project Completed for Master AB

Video project completed and with a satisfied customer:

Master AB: The video itself was perfect - everything I was looking for was there and you threw in some extra touches that I really enjoyed seeing too.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

♠ Another Summer in Slavery ♠

Warmer Months and a Hotter Schedule

Starting another summer as a black-owned slave-cunt with an image From the Vault - when slave's cock and balls were uncaged and his ass was un-stretched - before my transformation to bitch-male, with caged clit and well-ruined pussy.

Tough Schedule

slave schedule (RT and service-related) has kept me offline for most of the last few weeks. But during that time slave has been well used for video service, required performances that have included busting my useless little balls and fucking my pussy, all for the entertainment of others. Previews of those will be posted soon. Additional videos have also been arranged - a new Doom video for starters - and they will begin soon as well.

As a reminder, cunt also completed the punishment video - the short free video (about 2 minutes worth) is available for free. Contact the bitch-male by email (,and he will connect you with the free download link. The full-length video (about 8 minutes) can be purchased as well -- email (email: for details.

Chastised ... always

slave's clit remains under lock and key, with only 2 ruined orgasms to report in the last two and half months. slave's clit was entombed in the black cage most recently but has been transferred for a new term in the tiny metal cage. An even smaller cage has been added to the rotation and will be unveiled at a later date ... with slave's clit crammed inside. slave will remain in chastity for the foreseeable future with no hope of ever having a cock or a normal orgasm again.

You can view the cock-sow's chastity report for more info.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Punishment Completed

slave's pussy disciplined ... for you

slave-cunt has completed the punishment dictated for poor production scheduling - screen photos are included - and the videos are available for users.

If you'd like the the short free video (about 2 minutes worth), contact the bitch-male by email (,and he will connect you with the free download link.

The full-length video (about 8 minutes) can be purchased as well -- email (email: for details.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Locked for More!!

Celebrating 75,000 viewers

As the viewer celebration continues, so does slave10's live without a cock!

Several viewers are renting the cunt for video segments, and the slave will be beating its useless cm-filled balls, milking like a cow and stuffing its pussy for the amusement of others!

And more is on the way, including more from the vault!

Monday, March 28, 2016

75,000 Viewers: Video Special

Time for YOU to Give the Orders!!

Help celebrate the slave's 75,000 viewer milestone by directing a video segment ... and get a whole 30 minute video!

Here's how it works:

- Contact the bitch-male by email (email:, and give him YOUR directions - each 8 to 10 minute segment is just $10.

- Once 3 or more users have requested segments - a 30 minute video will be created.

- Each user with segments will receive the video of all three segments for just $10!!

If more than 3 users request segments, then another videos will be started. If less than 3 then the segments will be expanded to fit a 30 minute video.

Have fun and put the bitch to work!!! And don't forget the cunt's chastity report!

Monday, March 21, 2016

75,000 Viewers: Photo Album

3 Years of Service in Pictures

As a thank you for using the bitch-male, enjoy the slide-show below - photos from 3 years of service and chastity!

And check back for the punishment video and the 75K video offer!

slave10 in heat:

View slave's chastity report!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Celebrating 75,000 viewers!!!

Celebration kickoff!

bitch-male has reached 75,000 viewers, and to start the celebration we are introducing a new feature ... From the Vault!

Each From the Vault posting will showcase archived videos and photos showing the whore's transition from normal, sexualized male to fully enslaved, black-owned slut chastised and cum-controlled.

Look for more celebration activity in the days ahead!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Punishment Required

Pussy to be Disciplined

The latest Doom-series video has been completed and has received excellent customer reviews.

However, the delay in finishing the project is unacceptable, and therefore the bitch-male's pussy must be disciplined -- you, the viewers/users, will vote on the length and duration of that punishment.

Sentence: Dildo Ride

Size: 10in. x 5in.

Duration: The total number of thrusts will include ...

- 5 thrusts x the total number of likes/re-blogs

- 5 thrusts per like

- 20 thrusts per re-blog

Completion of this punishment will include a video and blog report.

All viewers/users are invited to punish the slave until 10pm (EST) on March 10.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

♠ Back in Black ♠

Corrected Clit

The bitch-male will spend a few weeks in the black cage to help reinforce his cockless service-life.

slave's last "male orgasm" was more than 750 days ago ... nothing but rare ruined dribbling from now on.

View slave's Chastity Report

Chastity Report

Chastity & Denial Status



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slave Labor: Feb. Update

Porn slave, Cum slave, Dildo slave ...

The New Year sale was a very successful offering ... several users/viewers took advantage of the discounts to put the cock-sow to good use with their video requests! The bitch-male has spent the last few weeks stuffing its cunt, eating its cum and exposing itself to order! And there's more work still to do!

User demand allowed the slave to finally empty his little ovaries, but full orgasm control/denial will soon begin again, and will likely be squarely in your hands for several months (if not more), along with several other items of control.

In other words, check back soon!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

January and a New Year in Chastity

Viewer update for a new year

Bitch-male begins a new year in chastity - this year and every year from here on.

slave will cum only when ordered and will remain ruined during any potential orgasm - never cumming like a true male again.

In the meantime, the slave serves to complete assigned videos and will continue to include you, the viewers and his users in the fun!

And don't forget the video sale!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year Video Sale

Thank you, viewers and users!

The bitch-male started off 2016 locked and cumless (for the third month, just as you voted). But you can start the year off well-entertained ... You're all invited to take advantage of 'thank you' prices on the cock-sow's videos!

♠ 2 full-length videos for $20 (normally $40)!

♠ 1 full-length and 1 short-length video for $10 (normally $30)

♠ 2 short-length videos for just $5 (normally $20)

Grab them and enjoy the bitch at work ... The pricing will stay till around Jan. 20 so don't wait too long!!

Contact slave10 (email: to arrange your purchase!!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

slave's status

slave defined

*Bitch-male: formerly 'masculine' slave/sub disqualified as a male through extended chastity, strict cum control/denial, and constant anal penetration; trained and transformed to provide and receive pleasure as a female; cockless slave.