Sunday, May 29, 2016

♠ Another Summer in Slavery ♠

Warmer Months and a Hotter Schedule

Starting another summer as a black-owned slave-cunt with an image From the Vault - when slave's cock and balls were uncaged and his ass was un-stretched - before my transformation to bitch-male, with caged clit and well-ruined pussy.

Tough Schedule

slave schedule (RT and service-related) has kept me offline for most of the last few weeks. But during that time slave has been well used for video service, required performances that have included busting my useless little balls and fucking my pussy, all for the entertainment of others. Previews of those will be posted soon. Additional videos have also been arranged - a new Doom video for starters - and they will begin soon as well.

As a reminder, cunt also completed the punishment video - the short free video (about 2 minutes worth) is available for free. Contact the bitch-male by email (,and he will connect you with the free download link. The full-length video (about 8 minutes) can be purchased as well -- email (email: for details.

Chastised ... always

slave's clit remains under lock and key, with only 2 ruined orgasms to report in the last two and half months. slave's clit was entombed in the black cage most recently but has been transferred for a new term in the tiny metal cage. An even smaller cage has been added to the rotation and will be unveiled at a later date ... with slave's clit crammed inside. slave will remain in chastity for the foreseeable future with no hope of ever having a cock or a normal orgasm again.

You can view the cock-sow's chastity report for more info.