Saturday, October 24, 2015

October - DENIED

No dribbling allowed ...

slave humbly thanks its viewers for denying its only ruined orgasm for October - your sentence will require slave to serve 81 days without so much as a dribble of relief.

slave's next opportunity for a ruined dribble will be in November, and viewers will be invited to deny that opportunity as well.

60K update ... several viewers have received the free video and photos, and are entered in the raffle for a free full-length video and web cam show. The winner will be notified and announced later in the week. Still time to enter!!

Chastity Update

Last ruined orgasm - 76 days

Locked for 2015 -- 298 days

Last real male orgasm - 649 days

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Submissive 'Thank You'

The humiliation and subjugation of a slave is rarely effective without superiors and other slaves to observe, comment and support that humiliation.

To say 'thank you' to a number of blogs/bloggers who have been very gracious with their postings, below are a short list of links for several Tumblr sites who have posted, reblogged and re-posted slave10's photos and videos. This is by no means a full or complete list ... just a start if anything ... but it's a great chance to say thanks and to encourage everyone to take a moment to visit and enjoy - more will be posted in the near future:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Celebrating 60,000 Viewers (+) !!!

New Milestone, Many to Come

The bitch has quickly reached and passed 60,000 viewers and is now required to celebrate this new milestone! So once again you can take advantage of being a viewer by controlling his only orgasm for October and with free photos and videos!!

RUINED OR NONE ... you decide!?!

After 2 months without, slave will be allowed to dribble 2 weak spurts of his useless cum ... if you allow!

If you give him 30 demerits by Oct. 19, no leakage will be allowed and the cock-locked bitch will spend yet another month with full, aching balls.

Likes - 1 demerit

Reblogs = 3 demerits

All demerits over 30 will be worked off on the dildo!


How to celebrate??

Email the cock-sow and mention the 60,000 viewer celebration ... and feel free to remind the slave what a slutty fuck-toy he is!!

Everyone who emails will get free photos and a free 60K video ... just a taste of what slave10 can do for you!

You'll also automatically be entered into the raffle to win:

- one of the full-length Doom Merchant videos and a free 15-minute webcam performance.

Join the fun and help the slut celebrate ahead of 75,000 viewers!?!?!?