Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Edging Report

Viewer Mandated Edging -- Viewer Video Preview

Sessions Under Way

After a thoroughly ruined orgasm (it's first in over a month), slave-slut started the edging schedule mandated by its viewers. That schedule required 21 edging sessions (10 electro & 11 by hand) completed between March 22 and April 22. The bitch is NOT allowed to cum during any of the sessions, and will be punished for unauthorized orgasm.

When not locked in its cock-cage, slave's little dick has endured 4 edging sessions by hand and 3 by electro. Video will be posted soon, and additional video will be created to display slave's edging duties. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Celebration Video Preview

Celebration participants also received a free 40,000 Viewers Celebration Video and an opportunity for a free webcam show (or a free full length video if they could not attend a cam show). A preview sample of that video is posted for your review.

In additional video news, a two-part customer video has also been fully completed and greatly appreciated by a satisfied customer!! A preview of those will be posted soon as well!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

ADJUSTED: Celebration Report

Late Viewer Input Added

After a successful celebration of the 40,000 viewers milestone, slave10 has earned the following viewer-mandated edging schedule:

~ Total 30-day edging sessions - 21

~ Edging sessions by hand - 11

~ Edging sessions by e-stim - 10

~ No cumming allowed

A cross-section of these sessions will be completed on video for sale and for public display. Unauthorized orgasm will result in punishment to be set on violation.

Thanks to all the viewers who participated via direct contact or like/reblog activity!



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Celebration Update

Looking Forward to 50,000 !!

Many thanks to you viewers for 40,650 views and to those viewers who helped me celebrate my 40,000 viewers milestone!

Along with access to two webcam shows, celebrants received a free celebration video, photos, and for those who couldn't attend a show, a second free video!

And what did slave10 receive ... 10 mandatory edging sessions (so far!!) - 6 by hand and 4 by electro - all to begin March 22. Many thanks to one and all for your continued interest and use!!

And remember the celebration continues - Likes and reblogs of this post (or this post) will help set the slave's edging schedule through March 22, and videos/photos will be sent through March 30.


slave has been chastised for 78 days, and has not had a ruined orgasm in 30 days!!

A new chastity device has also been added to the rotation increasing cage time even more ... which means this bitch-slave is all tits and pussy and no cock!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Celebrating 40,000 viewers!!

And SLAVE10 is the Party Favor!!!

Festivities are in the works to help Black Sovereign Media's resident whore celebrate a major milestone ... 40,000(+) viewers!

As the indentured slave in the equation, slave10 has the honor of being the party favor and door prize. Blog viewers from either blog site (or any posting, for that matter) are cordially invited to help BSM celebrate this milestone in one, or all, of three cool ways ...

1. Free Video Mix & Photo Set

Contact the bitch via email and receive a free 40k Video Mix and photo set of your own.

Just send an email with 'congratulations' on reaching 40,000 viewers and the slave-slut will send you a download link for a free video mix and set of photos.

2. Free Web Cam Shows

Request an invitation by emailing slave10 (mention it when you're sending him 'congratulations' if you like) and slave10 will send you the details for a free web cam show.

Send a note, and then keep an eye open for your email invite with the dates, times and location ... there'll be more than one session, so do check back!!

- slave10 (at) gmx.com -

3. Viewer Controlled Edge Training

As part of slave10's ongoing chastity training, you can help set the slut's edging/teasing schedule for the coming month.

Just LIKE or REBLOG (or both) this post and add to the slave's edging/training session, but ... NO CUMMING ALLOWED!

- Each Like = (1) Edging stroke session

- Each Reblog/Repost = (1) E-stim edging upgrade

Notes and reminders:

- Remember, slave10 is real-time working 'labor slave', so response times may vary depending on Owner and Customer demand.

- Edging schedule will be set on/around March 22, and videos/photos will be sent through March 30.

Help Master Dante's property celebrate 40,000(+) viewers and prepare for major fun at 50,000 viewers ... hopefully in the very near future!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Video Slave

Wrapping the Newest Video

Master Dante's video-slave has wrapped up the latest customer video ... and will now start preparations for celebrating 40,000+ viewers! Screen-grabs below

69 days locked ~ 22 days cumless


Locked and Indentured

slave property preparing for a yet another day of service.

cunt's projects are under way and progressing well:

- the new video is nearing completion with more than 50 minutes of entertainment

- slave has now rotated through his time in the Curve and is now spending time in the 3000S

- And with a new viewership milestone surpassed, free shows and added work will be offered to viewers and customers

Check back very soon for a couple added updates.



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Slave's Update

Items of Note:

Black Sovereign Media Report

- The Blogger folks have responded to recent net regulatory actions and have announced they will ban all adult blogs/content by March 23, 2015.

- BSM will be moving this blog to another service before March 23; at this point, it has not been decided what service that will be.

- Do check back here, and on the Tumblr blog, for an updated announcement on that move/new blog location.

- In the meantime, slave-slut completed one new BSM video earlier this year and a second new video is nearing completion. The work has been commissioned by Master Doom Merchant and he has given it very high marks:

Picked up the video today and watched it twice - it was amazing and you did a really good job with it

I liked the fact that you managed to turn it into an actual character which you can develop further and it is as close to what i had in mind when i first contacted you about the idea :-)

to see management bitch put through all those hurdles which were aimed to control and humiliate him is a big turn on for me

the timing esp with the voice commands were spot on and i liked the part where the voice stopped him in time ...

Thank you for all your hard work and you have done a tremendous job ...

Chastity Information

- slave has now been chastised for 64 days already this year -- it will be locked for all of 2015

- slave's last ruined release was 4 days ago ... just three ruined orgasms for the year. His last real orgasm was over a year ago.

- slave has been rotated through his cages over the last few weeks reshaping his cock to be familiar with all of his mandatory chastity devices: CB-3000S, the Curve, and his most frequented cock-prison the tiny Minotaur Xtendaur.