Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November - DENIED!

Viewers' Orders - 30 days CUMLESS

It took less than two days for you, the viewers, to deny slave10 his only ruined orgasm for Nov. The overwhelming response also ensured dildo time for the bitch as well. Look for that video, soon!

In the meantime ... thank you, viewers, for taking this slave's cock and cum.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Cumless November??

It's your decision

After nearly 90 days of edging and denial, this bitch-male was finally allowed to dribble a spurt or two of its useless, unneeded sperm.

During the last week in November, after 30 more days of cumless edging, the little-dicked sow will be given the opportunity to have its next ruined dribble ... unless you take it from him.

To deny slave10 for another 30 days ...

Give the cunt 30 demerits by Nov. 20 to keep slave10 locked and cumless for another month.

Likes - 1 demerit

Reblogs = 3 demerits

Any and all demerits over 30 will be worked off on the dildo!!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Raffle Winner!!

Free Webcam Show and Videos!!

Not sure the bitch can be called a prize, but user “Fun Guy” has won the 60K raffle and will receive a free webcam show and video.

As a special add-on, user “A B” has also won in our surprise second raffle and receives a free video.

More soon as viewers will get to deny slave10 another 30 days! Stay tuned!!