Monday, June 23, 2014

Easier Access ... for you!

New video access and new chastity period

Some interesting new developments: one to make it easier to get my videos and one to help me remember that my little cock belongs to my owner ...

Better Video Access!

Now you can get this slut's videos direct from the blog - just select, click and download. My owner has offered an easy PayPal solution to connect you with the many assignments I am required to put on video. More videos are being linked, so do check back!!

Locked Away!

slave-cunt is back in chastity, locked in its black CB-3000s, and after just a few days my lock-up is already up to 2 weeks ... miserably horny and helpless to do anything about it ... except perform to earn release!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Performing for my Owner

What do slave's webcam shows look like?

Mandatory monthly webcam performances for Black Sovereign offer many benefits ...

Most importantly I am provided the opportunity to entertain and please my owner, perhaps a slave-sow's most valuable offering. These performances also offer my owner a chance to enforce training needs, review my abilities, as well critique my entertainment value - information which is put to use during future paid performances and videos.

These performances also reinforce slave's proper place as a product, property to be viewed and enjoyed, and highlight the slave's proper use of its pussy and tits ...

During this performance the slut's chastity cage ensured proper focus on Master's entertainment and slave's dildo-stuffed cunt. This slave has not been allowed an orgasm for its Master in several months ... as should be the case.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Impact of my Chastity

From my owner's FetLife blog ...

I'm not even sure where to begin in discussing how large the impact of being locked in chastity has been. I have been in consistent chastity since appx. January, and have currently been under daily lock-up for over 2 weeks. My little white cock is locked right now and I have not cum in nearly a month.

In considering the loss of my cock and my Black master's ownership of my sex, I'd like to say, that the reality of being kept under lock and key has had several powerful, positive effects:

- Despite the idea that the cock between my legs is 'off limits', I am kept perpetually horny; in other words perpetually ready to serve. Forced chastity means that my erections are controlled, my maleness is controlled and my very sexuality is controlled.

- Domestication has been a very surprising side-effect of being chastised. Now that my only connection to what is left of my maleness is under lock and key, I have become much more domesticated. My desire to actually use and enjoy having a cock (regardless of how small) has been slowly replaced with the desire to perform, please and satisfy my Black owner.

- Reality has set in: now that my little white cock and balls are locked away, and as Black Sovereign noted in his blog entry, the cock and balls between my legs are now non-existent. I have come to fully accept the overwhelming reality that 'my' tiny dicklet is truly inconsequential, truly useless to my service ... useless even to to myself. Black manhood is the dominant and BLACK cocks are truly deserving of service. What used to be 'my' cock has been packaged and locked away like an unwanted, unused, uninteresting toy.

I can safely say that being chastised has had immense impact on my being - I am now well and truly a slave, and I wear the most stringent collar imaginable on what used to be the core of what made me a male. Being chastised has truly made me PROPERTY.