Friday, August 25, 2017

One Year Milestone

12 Months on Your Shrinking Program

slave has completed more than one full year on the cock-shrinking program mandated by you and your fellow users.

Although the shrinkage has stabilized for now - 1.5 inches (soft) / 3.5 inches (hard) - slave has 3 more months of the program to serve. It's clear that what used to be slave's 'cock' is now a clit ... irreversibly modified.

~ Like = 1 / Reblogs = 5 - if you'd like the opportunity to make the remaining 3 months INDEFINITE. 50 votes will open the decision for the slave's users and viewers. ~

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Rental: Master AB's ESP

2 Weeks Completed

slave-whore is in service to Master AB for a new ESP of 4 weeks.

bitch's duties include dildo work, edging, and ass-to-mouth training! And of course, bitch is assigned a weekly 'period' with the used tampons going into the whore's mouth!!

more details soon ...

Thursday, August 3, 2017

RENTED: 30-Days

DUTIES: ass-to-mouth & entertainment slave

slave's clit uncaged to emphasize its tiny size and frustratingly cumless status.

bitch-male begins its fourth Exclusive Service Program and will spend the month serving as as rented property.

cunt will be used as Master AB's personal entertainment slave and ass-to-mouth whore ... licking dildos pulled fresh from his pussy and performing in panties and nylons.

stay tuned for updates ...