Sunday, August 28, 2016

♠ Cock Reshaping Under Way ♠

Confined for 15-Months

slave-clit has completed the first two weeks of his 15-month cock shrinking program. However there's been no rotation of cages - the cockless bitch has suffered in the smallest cage with his little nublet compressed down to about an inch and a half. No erections and no cumming possible!

You, the users and viewers, have helped place his cock in punishing bondage and voted that it be re-shaped over the next 15-months! The goal of this little cock-re-shaping experiment? A ruined, tiny little white stub!

Monday, August 15, 2016

♠ Sentenced: 15-Month Cock Shrinking Program ♠

User-Required Clit Training

The USERs and viewers have made their opinions on slave's little white bitch-dick very clear ... slave now begins a mandatory 15-month cock-shrinking program.

slave will be locked in his smallest cages (in rotation) for three stages designed to shrink and ruin the bitch-male's little clit - the program stages begin on Aug. 15 and will run for 3 months, 5 months and 7 months. Progress will be reported at intervals.

Current stats (after 2 3/4 years in chastity):

Avg. limp length - 2 1/2 inches

Avg, erect length - 5 1/4 inches

Original stats (pre-chastity- 2014) :

Avg. limp length - 3 1/4 inches

Avg, erect length - 6 inches

Now that the program is set, all additional likes/reblogs will be applied to dildo and plug training to be filmed and distributed to viewers..

Special thanks to slave's super users (Master AB, Master Nick & Master Nick) for their vital inputs and to you the viewers for the strict sentencing.

A special note to Locked & Loving It for posting!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


- Help make a useless cock even smaller!! -

The bitch-male's "power users" have helped decide that its time for a cock shrinking program - an official training effort dedicated to shrinking and finally ruining slave's little cock ... and now it's time for your input!

slave's dicklet will be locked in a rotation of his smallest cages with the tiniest new cage being used more than half the lock-up period. You get to decide how long the first training period will be.

Just LIKE or REBLOG (or both) this post to decide the length of the first shrinking period:

♠ Each Like - 2 days

♠ Each Reblog - 5 days

The first period will begin on Aug. 15, so do have any inputs completed by then.