Monday, March 28, 2016

75,000 Viewers: Video Special

Time for YOU to Give the Orders!!

Help celebrate the slave's 75,000 viewer milestone by directing a video segment ... and get a whole 30 minute video!

Here's how it works:

- Contact the bitch-male by email (email:, and give him YOUR directions - each 8 to 10 minute segment is just $10.

- Once 3 or more users have requested segments - a 30 minute video will be created.

- Each user with segments will receive the video of all three segments for just $10!!

If more than 3 users request segments, then another videos will be started. If less than 3 then the segments will be expanded to fit a 30 minute video.

Have fun and put the bitch to work!!! And don't forget the cunt's chastity report!

Monday, March 21, 2016

75,000 Viewers: Photo Album

3 Years of Service in Pictures

As a thank you for using the bitch-male, enjoy the slide-show below - photos from 3 years of service and chastity!

And check back for the punishment video and the 75K video offer!

slave10 in heat:

View slave's chastity report!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Celebrating 75,000 viewers!!!

Celebration kickoff!

bitch-male has reached 75,000 viewers, and to start the celebration we are introducing a new feature ... From the Vault!

Each From the Vault posting will showcase archived videos and photos showing the whore's transition from normal, sexualized male to fully enslaved, black-owned slut chastised and cum-controlled.

Look for more celebration activity in the days ahead!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Punishment Required

Pussy to be Disciplined

The latest Doom-series video has been completed and has received excellent customer reviews.

However, the delay in finishing the project is unacceptable, and therefore the bitch-male's pussy must be disciplined -- you, the viewers/users, will vote on the length and duration of that punishment.

Sentence: Dildo Ride

Size: 10in. x 5in.

Duration: The total number of thrusts will include ...

- 5 thrusts x the total number of likes/re-blogs

- 5 thrusts per like

- 20 thrusts per re-blog

Completion of this punishment will include a video and blog report.

All viewers/users are invited to punish the slave until 10pm (EST) on March 10.