Sunday, May 31, 2015

Edging & Cumless

Mandated Edging without Release ...

slave-bitch continues to work through the viewer mandated edging assigned in preparation for the coming 50,000 viewers milestone.

slave has edged its little dick without coming for 20 sessions - 12 by hand, 8 by e-stim. Each session the horny cunt works its tiny cock and thick tits to the agonizing edge of a real orgasm, and each time the horny cunt is left wanting ... and then back in the cage till next time.

slave has 8 more sessions to go.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Edging Update

Edge, Cage, Repeat ...

From chastity to the agonizing edge of orgasm and back into the cage again, slave-cunt continues to labor through his 30 days of viewer mandated edging.

The bitch was assigned 28 edging sessions by You, the viewers, and he has worked his little dick and tits through 6 sessions by hand and 4 by e-stim - 18 sessions to complete.

Note: 2 additional sessions (e-stim) were added by belated contact.

As the 50K viewer milestone approaches, the slave will be used for free cam sessions, videos and more ... do check back!

Chastity report: 142 days locked ~ 18 days since slave's last ruined orgasm ~ 493 days since slave's last real male orgasm.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

No Cumming Allowed!

Edging and Frustration

slave's little dick has started another 30 days of viewer mandated edging ... 26 sessions worth of cumless frustration!

slave little-dick has completed 3 of his hand edging sessions and 2 of the required e-stim sessions - 21 sessions still to complete.

More work will be mandated by viewers - including free cam sessions and videos - as the 50,000 viewer celebration gets closer.

Chastity report: 138 days locked ~ 13 days since slave's last ruined orgasm ~ 488 days since slave's last real male orgasm

Monday, May 11, 2015

Comprehensive Chastity Report

Approaching 1 1/2 years locked

slave's little cock before indefinite chastity

After a almost a year and a half living with its little cock locked up, here is slave's comprehensive chastity report:

- Shrinking cocklet

slave has lost nearly an inch from his erection. After 17 months in chastity, it's little dick now strains to reach 4.5 inches hard & is barely 2.5 inches soft.

- Forever ruined

slave has long since had it's last true orgasm. His restrained little dick - when allowed a rare release - exists to spurt and dribble its useless sperm. The bitch will not cum normally again ... ever.

- Perpetually horny

Chastity has left this bitch constantly horny and perpetually frustrated, especially knowing it will never again cum completely. Its cock is now fully restrained and fully under the control of others - locked, controlled and horny - the perfect conditions for fast, pleasureless, ruined orgasms ... the path to premature ejaculation.

- Indefinitely locked

The bitch now understands that it will never be allowed to stop its chastity - sentenced to serve in chastity for all of 2015. The end of one year in its cage will simply be the beginning of the next year.



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Saturday, May 9, 2015

30-day Edging Schedule: Viewer Mandated

Another 'Cumless' Month Ahead

A picture of slave's little dicklet before a year and half in chastity

With the new 50K Viewers milestone fast approaching, slave's viewers have now set his edging schedule for the next month.

slave-cunt is required to complete:

- 26 Cumless Edging Sessions

- 8 by e-stim

- 18 by hand

- All 26 without cumming

- Immediate re-lock in after each session

slave will provide progress updates throughout the month - the 30-day period will end on June 8.

An appreciative thank you to all viewers, and especially those who 'liked' or 're-blogged' to help develop this 30-day denial schedule.

Check back soon for updates and for a full chastity report.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Master's Entertainment

Keeping the Owner Happy

One of the slave's key duties as Master Dante's whore is keeping him entertained and amused. slave spent time on webcam last night fucking its black-owned pussy on the 10-inch dildo and working its thick titties for Master's enjoyment. As a reward, the slave was given permission to remove its cock-cage and pump its filthy little cock ... the orgasm was ruined as is always required and all its cum was eaten.

This was slave's first orgasm in over a month and the first for its Owner since late last year.