Sunday, August 16, 2015

Viewer Video

Dildo Ride - Part 1

To begin 2 months of cumless edging, slave completed part one of his mandated dildo ride with over 500 strokes on the 10-inch dildo. The full video is posted/available.

A turn on the 13-inch is next!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Under Viewer Control!

Viewer Judgements

Your inputs/votes for the 6-month chastity/50,000 viewer celebration have sealed the slave-bitch's fate for months and months to come. Here are the sentences you've passed ...

Cumming -- the slave will not cum like a normal male for 6 years and 11 months. Only ruined orgasms from now on unless full orgasm is specifically ordered. In other words, the slave is nearly guaranteed to lose the ability to have full orgasms.

Chastity -- the slave is now committed to chastity until Aug. 2018. the slave will continue to suffer from a shrinking cocklet. After nearly 20 months in chastity, it's little dick now strains to reach 4.5 inches hard & is barely 2.5 inches soft.

Dildo Ride -- slave's pussy wrecking video is now underway:

- 180 strokes on the 13-inch dildo
- 350 strokes on the 10-inch dildo, 180 strokes added to match the 13-inch (completed and being processed)

Mandatory Edging -- daily edging Aug. 15 - Sept. 15, alternating days from Sept. 26 - Oct. 16 ... cumming during edging sessions will not be tolerated!

Next for the cock-sow ... several videos are on the slate as well as continued service and suffering.

Friday, August 7, 2015

How Long??

Time in Chastity? You Decide ...

Celebrating 6 months in chastity has given you, the viewers, a chance to impose your own demands and controls on slave10.

You've already sentenced him to a long, difficult dildo ride (stay tuned for that video) and sentenced him to 6 years without a real male orgasm.

Now you will have a chance to finalize his misery ... by keeping him locked as long as you want.

slave10 is committed to his cage for all of 2015 - another 6 months. What then?? How long will he be locked after that 6 month period ... you decide!

How long will the slave's cock be locked ...???

--> likes = 2 weeks!

--> reblogs = 4 weeks!!!

Over the next couple weeks ... look for the results of your decision, the dildo-ride video, and previews of two current videos under way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

When?? NEVER ...

Intense Viewer Response!

slave10 is reeling from your decision regarding his ongoing orgasm control.

Viewers were invited to assign the slave's next full and complete male orgasm - your response was overwhelming and intense!

Thanks to you, the slave will not cum like a normal male for 6 years and 3 months.

The slave's next real orgasm is now scheduled for October 15, 2021!! You have effectively eliminated any hope the bitch has for ever having a normal orgasm.

Unless specifically ordered by its Owner or a customer, only ruined orgasms will be allowed and those allowed only as required to fulfill requests for service. For the next 6 years the slave will reach only the edge of orgasm, cum will be released in a few dribbles and spurts, and its balls will remain perpetually full of unused semen.

The next invitation to you: How long will the bitch remain in chastity?