Saturday, February 21, 2015

Chastity Cross-Training

A Few Days Locked in the The Curve

Although slave's little cock will never fill the device, it's important for that little cock to remember the inside of each device ... for maximum flexibility.

slave spent a couple days in its Curve before being locked back in the tiny metal device - the on that tightly keeps its dicklet shaped at less than 2 inches long!

52 days locked in chastity ~ 404 days without a real orgasm

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Frustration Milestone

Locked for 8 days!

slave surpassed a chastity milestone after spending 8 days chastised, 24/7. After more than 190 hours of frustration, the milestone was celebrated with an agonizing edging session and a thoroughly ruined orgasm. Before being locked away again, slave's tits and clit received some electro-therapy before the lock was closed and full-time chastity started again.

slave has now been locked away for 50 days and has been allowed only 2 ruined orgasms this year.



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Locked, Full & Ready for Filling

Desperately Horny after 46 Days Locked

After 46 days locked, slave's little balls are brimming full with unneeded sperm; his pussy is aching to be filled and used.

The bitch's little cock has been locked 24/7 for a week solid ... and not even a ruined, dribbling orgasm anywhere in the near future. He'll spend 2015 this way!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chastity 24/7

New Milestone, New Frustration

After 40 days of consistent chastity the slave bitch has now been sentenced to a new milestone - full-time chastity. There will be no access to its cock, just manual labor, tasks to complete, and serving his Owner's customers with its pussy and tits.

slave hasn't had a real orgasm in over 390 days. His little slave cock has been locked for 40 days with only 1 ruined orgasm this year.



Last Ruined Orgasm (Updated):

Last Real Orgasm: