Saturday, September 26, 2015

Locked & Ready for Service

An Update and Coming (but not cumming) Soon ...

As slave gets adjusted quickly to his new device (which he has spent most of his recent chastity-time in), work continues on several mandatory projects:

  • The first episode of Master Doom Merchant's latest video is nearing completion. A new preview and/or photos will come from that effort ... an effort that will proceed right into work on the next episode.
  • slave's remaining dildo-video will also be worked into his schedule during ongoing video work.
  • Edging and denial continues (per your orders, viewers) leaving the cock-sow horny and cum-filled. He was edged daily through August and has been edged every other day through Sept., and the edging period will end in a few days. The bitch has not had a ruined cum in over 2 months, since before the edging period began.
  • The slave's next milestone, 60,000 viewers, has snuck up quickly and will be reached sometime in the next few days to a week. That means the cunt will be responsible for another month of viewer celebration ... the last one cost him his cock and the chance to ever have a real orgasm again. Along with other activities, YOU will be deciding whether he dribbles his useless sperm during the next 30 days or whether he remains cumless!

Check back often for more details!!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Crushing Response

Chaste & Cum-Controlled in a New Device

Several vital notes as a follow-up to the 50K Viewer Celebration which allowed viewers to help control the slave's chastity and orgasms -- the viewer inputs have been absolutely crushing.

After totalling all additional viewer inputs:

- slave's little dick will spend the next 9 years and 1 month committed to consistent, daily chastity.

- slave will not be allowed to cum like a normal male for 10 years and 9 months. More than 10 years of only rare, ruined cum-dribblng will effectively ensure that slave10 will never cum normally again.

Two quick items of note:

1. slave's cock has already endured more than 600 days restricted to ruined orgasms, and now his viewers have dictated that he will never cum like a 'man' again.

2. a new KHD Expresso X3 will now be added to the device rotation to help ensure that the cunt spends his days locked and chaste. The KHD is as restrictive as the metal Xtendaur and very nearly as small, keeping his useless little dick small and controlled.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doom's Revenge ... Custom Video

slave in service

slave continues work on Master Doom's new custom video - As The Doom Merchant's personal 'management bitch' slave is given plenty of opportunity for tit and pussy stretching ... usually while cock-locked!

Hope you enjoy the second preview and there's more work to follow (a reminder on the normal Xtube weirdness).

Coming soon: an update on the extensive lock-up and cum-restrictions slave now lives under.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Balls Worked Hard

... for the amusement of a superior!

A second custom video nearing completion (and a second for Master D.H.) - slave beats and abuses its little cock and balls for the sake of proper entertainment.

Master Doom's Video Project

slave-bitch put to good use

The first preview from Master Doom's new custom video. The slave is put to good use as The Doom Merchant's personal 'management bitch!

Xtube is acting squirrelly as hell again, so no guarantees how long this will stay watchable!?!?

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Video Slut

slave-sow at work on custom videos

While I still struggle to comprehend what you, the viewers, have done to me, work still must go on. New custom videos are under way - shocking my tits and clit, finger-fucking my pussy and spanking my own balls - as I perform for my Owner's customers.

I also must go back and re-count all the likes/blogs on my cum and chastity control votes ... the response has been completely overwhelming. Although the numbers aren't completed yet, I am fairly certain I will spend much of my remaining sexual life locked and without real orgasm relief.