Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Introducing .... slave-cow daisy!

breeder cow for mandatory milking

slave cow daisy ready for milking

As part of a special Premium ESP Rental, Master AB will now use the bitch-male - slave-cow daisy - for 6 weeks of mandatory milk production and semen disposal.

The cow is now required to empty her cum-swollen udder to produce 3 loads of fresh cum per week (on video) for the next 6 weeks.

- All cream produced by the she-cow must be eaten and swallowed.

-Failure of the sperm-heifer to meet cum-production quotas will result in additional milk demands.

- Just like every bitch-in-heat, the cum-cow will endure her period every week complete with tampons.

More details (and photos/video) to follow, soon!

slave-cow daisy's swollen udder and greedy pussy.

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