Thursday, July 5, 2018

New CO-OP Video Project

Pick from the Menu ... Get your Video

Now you can order a 25/30 minute custom co-op video for only $5 (US).

The Co-Op process works like this --

Viewers select their video segment choice from the Video Menu below - once 4/5 orders are placed (or 14 days passes), a full-length video (25/30 minutes) will be completed and sent to you for download.

If 4/5 orders aren't received then each segment will be longer (for example - 5 segments will be about 5/6 minutes each, 3 segments will be 9/10 minutes each ... only 1 segment?? that means 25/30 minutes on 1 selection).

Regardless, you will get a full video for $5!

To order your video:

1. Make your choice of ONE item from the Video Menu below. (If you prefer to make TWO selections then the prices is $10 - $5 per segment).

2. Email slave10 ( to note your Video Menu selection and add any special requests.

3. Donate your $5 via the PayPal link.

4. Approximately 2 weeks after the first order is placed you'll receive a full-length video featuring your segment and any additional CO-OP segments. (You'll also receive email updates as to progress and contents along the way.)

NOTE: this slave is no longer allowed to cum without special dispensation and will remain caged during the video.

Video Menu:

Choose ONE from below ...

♠ Dildo Ride (10 inch)

♠ Edging & Plugged (no cumming allowed)

♠ 13-inch Dildo Use

♠ Pussy Plug Swallowing

♠ Electro-Edging

♠ Dildo Self-Fuck

♠ Piss-Drinking / Edging

♠ Piss-Drinking / Dildo Riding

Links and information

♠ Contact slave10 for more information or to get your order started.

♠ To reserve your segment you'll use the PayPal link.

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