Monday, March 20, 2017

♠ Rented for 4 Weeks! ♠

First Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Session Completed

slave-cunt has now completed the first Exclusive Service Plan (ESP) Session - a 4 week rental to one of the sow's Platinum Users that left the bitch-male exhausted and with sore tits and a stretched-out pussy. slave's clitoris was alternately kept locked for days and then edged mercilessly with not even the possibility of a ruined orgasm until July.

slave's next rental period will tentatively begin in early April ... another 4 weeks of service!

All parties (at least all parties that have a say ...) thought the rental was a very successful one, and below are some comments from the slave's Renter.

Rental Master's Comments:

"Very good having you at my beck and call ... ! Even with the time difference it worked ... liked your little trips to the bathroom while at work !!!

"As for the videos ... very good, and always got them on time. And also pretty good at keeping up with [my] demands!! Next time [I rent you] be better equipped with toys, underwear, etc. ... Would recommend you to all my friends LOL!!"

Stay tuned for more info on slave-pussy and the Exclusive Service Plan (ESP).

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